Jamaica Spring Break

Jamaica Spring Break started with Sun Splash Tours where we live by the mentality, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!” In 1987, we brought Spring Breakers to Negril, a sleepy fishing village and it’s never been the same. Now the hottest Spring Break destination in the Caribbean, the seven-mile beach offers laid back charm for Spring Breakers looking to escape the in-your-face Acapulco Spring Break and Cancun Spring Break environment.

Uncover Negril’s best kept secret, five miles of winding coral cliffs. Spend Jamaica Spring Break 2011 cliff-diving, snorkeling and exploring underground caves at places like Rick’s Café and The Rock House. Then, be ready for one of the most impressive sunsets you’ve experienced as you kick back with a Jamaican rum punch and watch the sky turn pink before it falls dark.

Negril Spring Break comes alive at places like Margaritaville, Risky Business, The Jungle, Rick’s Cafe and Alfreds. The seven-mile beach lights up with bonfires and bars pulsate with music until sunrise. The magic of Negril is that it still keeps its laid back charm in the midst of this surge of Spring Breakers.

Spring Break Montego Bay or “Mo Bay “, as the locals call it, is Jamaica’s largest and most varied tourist area. Mo Bay is perfect destination for the Spring Breaker looking to experience the Jamaican way of life with a city atmosphere.

Located just five minutes from the airport, you’re literally minutes away from the non-stop Spring Break 2011 parties on the Strip. With a plethora of nightlife venues, from indoor discos to reggae shows, you’ll party ‘til dawn.

This year, do as much as you want or nothing at all and still have a great time. Join thousands of other students in this tropical paradise to party in the thatched roof beach bars on your Jamaica Spring Break 2011.

~ by superbowlnyc on January 30, 2011.

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